Gyms in Evans GA


Gyms in Evans GA


Gyms in Evans GA

Gyms in Evans GA…Pulse Fitness, the newest concept in high intensity interval training (HITT), is opening its newest studio in the Martinez GA metro area, serving all the CSRA, 4015 Washington Rd Martinez GA. Pulse Fitness incorporates small group personal training and functional fitness with HIIT to provide a complete workout in 45 minutes.

Owner Greg Smith (Co-Founder), has a versatile background in sales management and marketing, military training, health club management and even vice -president of training for a large national chain. In all his experiences, Smith has had a lifelong passion for health and fitness. He was attracted to the Pulse Fitness concept because of its personalized service that gives clients maximum results in minimal time- just 45 minutes. The concept of “training for life” was something that Smith felt was important for Augustan’s who participate in so many active outdoor activities and want to avoid injury as well as prolong their healthy living lifespan.Gyms in Evans GA

“I love that the workout is led by personal trainers in a way that’s fun, motivational and gets results in just 45 minutes,” says Smith. “There’s a real sense of community and camaraderie that is unlike any workout that you will do.”

With 25 years of experience in the fitness industry, Pulse Fitness (Co-Founder) Greg Smith has trained many of nations elite and celebrities. After 25 years of health and fitness management, Greg Smith (Co-Founder) has started and managed other premier health clubs and studios in the southeast, but is pumped about running a Pulse Fitness.

“We want to work harder and smarter than the average studio,” says Greg Smith (Co-Founder). “I’m so excited to be bringing CSRA its first, true high intensity interval training studio.”

Pulse Fitness is a 45-minute, anaerobic workout where clients progress through different stations, twice, with brief periods of rest in between circuits. Each circuit involves 60 seconds of work and 20 to 30 seconds of rest. The workout regularly burns 500-1,000 plus calories in 45 minutes while also building strength. There are two, full-body workout classes that are run within a two-week timeframe. After two weeks, the circuits completely change to keep the workout interesting and challenging. With a brief warm-up and stretch at the end, clients are typically in and out the door in 45 minutes.

To celebrate the Pulse Fitness opening, Smith is offering some great incentives and pricing for a limited time. Anyone who pre-registers between now and the grand opening on will receive a 14-day Rapid Results Training Course (free), with no strings attached. In addition, the first 45 people to sign up for an unlimited class monthly membership will receive the pre-opening membership rates which takes $20 off the normal rate, a free Body Fat analysis ($50.00 value) and a Pulse Fitness t-shirt. Pre-opening membership rates end soon. All memberships are very affordable. Registrants are encouraged to book quickly for the 14-day Rapid Results Training Course (free) , as classes are filling up fast.

Pulse Fitness is modern training for the modern athlete, incorporating everything from kettle bells, resistance bands and dumbells and benches to TRX straps, free weights and rowers. Clients use movements they never thought existed. At the same time, movements are self-limiting and resistance-focused to push each member to the max in a safe and efficient way.

“We don’t make you do what you can’t do,” says Smith. “We make you better at what you do in everyday life. Functional training so you can be fit for life is what we’re all about.”

Pulse Fitness classes are high-energy with motivating music and encouraging trainers. A Pulse Fitness member is not just a gym-goer. He or he is passionate about working out and sharing it with others who have the same passion. The small group setting acts as a motivator and drives the competitive spirit.

“Our members push one another,” says Smith. “They congratulate each other after each workout. It’s like a rite of passage. You have a real appreciation for the people you HIIT with.

It’s also important to me to be part of this CSRA Community, to give back and for the studio to feel like a second home to those who join us,” adds Smith.Gyms in Evans GA

Pulse Fitness is open six days a week. Individuals are encouraged to sign up online or in person. For more information regarding memberships, visit the website or call 706-489-0895.

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